Wednesday, February 29, 2012

ooookay dunno if anyone is still checking here... been so long but ive finalyl started playing regularly again and i hope i can keep updating this blog with BATREPS, paint jobs, and beastmen builds and thoughts behind it!!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

I had a battle vs a vampire counts army, you can check out hte report here :

Monday, July 26, 2010

Sorry for no piccies recently, i will try and get some up. what i do have however is a link to a battle report where the beasts are victorious and drink deep in the blood of the defeated orges!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

8th Edition

As 8 edition was released not so long ago i thought i could talk a little about it and how it concerns my Beasties.

Magic was overhauled totally, rolling 2d6 for winds of magic, and having a dice roll like that giving the highist of the 2 dice as dispell dice it makes having the herdstone shard (+1 dice for every caster nearby) and a few levels 2s plus a level 4 a no brainer if you want some good magic.

I have been running a couple lists including 3/4 casters which in my testing is overkill, indeed you get alot of dice but i found you run out of power dice before all the casters have a turn so in the future i may just be running a max of 2/3 shamens.
The next big thing about Magic is the lores, with a +1 to cast spells fromthe lore of beasts onto any unit from the beastmen army the augment spells are golden, a level 4 with the skull of rarkos casting the signiture spell (+1S +1T, which can stack) gets a massive +6 to the casting roll.
The other lores are also very good but i wont talk about them.

Stepping up and striking in Initative order.
Stepping up allows for units to always fight so long as the unit has modles left which is great for everyone and i wouldnt say its particuly more so for beastmen, maybe a little but not a huge boost over the other armies, however Fighting in I order is a mixed plate for beastmen with a very average I of 3 for mostthe army they come in the middle of the fight not to great but it could be worse so that is ok for me.

Random charge distance.
most of the time it works out to be about the same distance as before sometimes shorter sometimes longer it ok for a desperate man to charge a large unit at something very far away and hope for double 6s :P.

Now one of the best things to happen for Beastmen, Physcology:

No more testing to charge fear causers, rerolling all LD tests on within BSB range(<3),
no autobreaking from being outnumbered by fear causers and having more ranks than your enemy makes you steadfast(stubborn) which makes anvil units actully functional instead of letting them charge you and hoping the fluff enough attacks not to crash through you.

Common magic items.
there is a listof common magic items that ever army except dwarf and demons are allowed which deperatly filled a hole the beastmen were lacking in

There are alot of other changes but i think these ones are the highlights for beastmen.

P.S. im hoping to upload some images tomorrow of my Gors and possibly of my terrain pieces ive made (a river, waterfall, and a entrance to an underground liar). Untill tomorrow, toodles

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Beastlord / Ungor

Hey guys long time since my last post. long story short lots of work = little play, but now ive got some time and im having a 3 weeks holiday from work starting next week (although the first week ill be in england) but after that i should be able to get lots done.

So for now ill up load some pics of my beastlord/ ungor

Friday, April 23, 2010

Ok now for the core choices, to list them i ran: 4 units of 5 ungor raiders all with music, 2 units of 5 warhounds. 20 gors with extra hand weps. and 10 gors with XHW.
i took 4 units of the raiders so i could deploy 2 of them in ambush and use 2 as screens. the warhounds were there to add some speed and utillity to the army.
The smaller unit of gors went into ambush and the larger unit was there to bunker the BSB and act as a infantry block(Static combat resolution, out numbering banner ect ect ect).

The core choices i took was to keep points down a bit and to try and strengthen some of the limiting factors if hte rest of the army, i have no other large blocks to reply on and so the gors were espcially handy in that area, i had no other unit as fast as the hounds. and the skirmishing ungor-archers were just to diverse in there roll i couldnt not take them.
I wasnt relying on any of my core units to kill anything or hold anything up. none of them had any kind of save, but that they had was utillity i could use the hounds in tandem with the minotaurs for compensate for the 1D6 overrun/pursuit i could use the ungor raiders as fantastic screens for more vunerable troops at -1 to shoot for skirmish and the fact that in order to force a panic test you will reduce them to under US5 so what ever there screening will not need to take a panich test them selfs if the ungors panic through them.

Well thats it, next time i will be doing The special choices

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ok peeps, i would like to talk about my army composition i used in my first battle.
For the character choices i went with 2 bray shamens both level 2 with the staff of darkoth(bound MM, 5 d6 S1 ) and something else :O. and a wargor BSB for my heros, i used a wargor because i had the model and needed to shave some points off, i would prefer to use a gorebull because he gives frenzy to his unit(hello anti fear/panic/terror tests) and its a pretty nasty killing machin as is, and it cannot be "killing blow"ed.
and a doombull as my lord as it is very very killy, i gave the beast axes of khorgor(+1A and rerolls on hit) and trollhide (regen) which is quite a potent combination as he hasa bucket load of attacks that can reroll and he gains attacks as he wins more combats making so much synergy with the axes.
thats it for now, ill post about the core choices a bit later.